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50 Frugal Living Tips With A Big Impact
Money Motivation Saving Money

50 Frugal Living Tips With A Big Impact

Are you looking for some easy ways to save money? Saving money doesn’t mean sitting at the kitchen counter for hours cutting coupons. 

Today I’m sharing 50 frugal living tips that make a big impact, they range from frugal tips from the great depression, to frugal beauty tips, to ways to save money on groceries, to ways to be extremely frugal. 

The best part is, you don’t have to follow all of these tips to save money, just pick one or two to implement, then come back next month and find a couple more that you can start doing! 

A little bit of savings here and there can add up big to hitting your financial goals!

Research and learn about your appliances

When you purchase a new appliance, take some time to read through the manual.

This may sound mundane but there are often little tricks to help keep the appliance running smooth like how often to change filters or what you can and can’t do. This will help avoid issues down the road from improper use.

For example, no grease down the garbage disposal, instead drain it into an old coffee can and put it in the fridge to solidify, then throw it away when it gets full.

Make your own cleaner

Household cleaners are full of dangerous chemicals and can increase your household budget fast. Check out these 8 DIY Household Cleaner Recipes to clean your home with safe ingredients that you most likely already have!

Keep your savings in a high-yield account

If you keep your savings and emergency fund in a traditional bank *cough Bank of America or Wells Fargo cough*, then it’s time to up your savings game and switch to a high-yield savings account that pays 12x the national average on your savings. 

CIT Bank is currently offering 5.05% Interest for all accounts over $5,000 with the Platinum Savings Account

They also have the Savings Connect Account that offers 4.65% interest which is great for accounts under $5,000! 

How does the interest on the Platinum Savings account accrue?

The interest on the Platinum Savings account accrues daily and is compounded daily to maximize your earnings potential.

How does compound interest work with savings accounts?

Compound interest is a powerful tool that can help your savings grow over time. Essentially, it means that you earn interest not only on your original deposit but also on the interest that your account earns over time. For example, if you deposit $5,000 in a savings account with a 4% annual interest rate, you would earn $200 in interest after the first year.

But with compound interest, you would earn interest on the full $5,200 balance in the second year, which would result in slightly more interest earnings than the previous year. Over time, this compounding effect can lead to significant growth in your savings.

Are there any fees associated with the Platinum Savings account?

There are no account opening or maintenance fees associated with the Platinum Savings account. However, there may be fees for certain transactions such as overdrafts or early withdrawals.

>> Click here to open a CIT Bank Platinum Savings account at 5.05% Interest

>> Click here to open a CIT Bank Savings Connect account at 4.65% Interest

Use Cash-Back Apps, Sites, and Plugins

Using cash-back apps and sites only take about 30 extra seconds and can earn you direct cash back or free gift cards! 

My favorite is Rakuten, they have a site, plug-in and app that gives you cash back on purchases you’re already making! 

Here’s how Rakuten works: 
  • Sign up HERE for Rakuten so you can get your $40 bonus (Yes it’s FREE to sign up)
  • Shop at your favorite retailers, both online and in store
  • Get CASH BACK added to your account (you can redeem to PayPal, a physical check, or gift cards)
  • This week MULTIPLE retailers are offering up to 15% CASH BACK!!
Right now, Rakuten will GIVE you $40 when you spend $40 online. This means that the next time you make an online purchase, just shop through Rakuten first.
🎉 Once you spend $40 (you have 90 days to do so), you’ll GET $40 of FREE MONEY.
I recommend installing the Rakuten plugin and downloading the app so you never miss an opportunity to earn cash back. 
Check out yesterday’s full review and tutorial of Rakuten on YouTube. 

Change your cell phone carrier

Hear me out… when we think of switching our cell phone provider we think it’s going to be super complicated. 

Can I keep my number? Do I have to get a new phone? 

The great news is you can keep your current device, phone number and easily switch services. It’s not complicated at all and you can save a TON of money. 

How much are you paying right now for your cell phone bill a month? I bet you, it’s way too high!

Switch to Mint Mobile today and pay as low as $15 a month and you don’t have to sacrifice any coverage, speed, or data.

That’s why I’m excited to partner with Mint Mobile. 

Mint Mobile is built on the nation’s largest 5G network and they keep costs low because they sell direct to you online – they cut out the retail stores and salespeople.

Switching to Mint is super easy. Here’s how amazing they are and what they offer:

  • Digital eSIM cards, you can sign-up and activate them immediately right on your phone from the comfort of your home.
  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text, plus lightning-fast 5G and free mobile hotspot.
  • Mint Mobile will show you how much data you use each month and recommend plans that save you money.
  • Mint also offers a Modern Family Plan that lets you set up a super affordable family plan with as little as two lines.

Stop paying more than you need to on your wireless bill and start saving BIG with Mint Mobile

What are you waiting for?! 

>> Click here to get premium wireless starting at $15 a month!

Use GoodRx for prescriptions

Stop paying full price for prescriptions. Use GoodRx to save up to 80% off your prescriptions (even without insurance!!!). If you sign up for GoodRx through Fetch Rewards you also get a $10 bonus and $1.50 for every prescription you fill after that!

Only check out your Amazon cart once per week

Only check out out your Amazon cart once per week. Are you guilty of making MULTIPLE Amazon purchases throughout the week?

Try only checking out ONCE per week. You can add to your cart throughout the week but pick one day a week to sit down, evaluate your cart and decide if you really need everything or if you can remove some impulse purchases.

This useful printable will help you decide if your impulse purchase is a good idea or not!
Thank you for subscribing!

Create an Amazon Wish List

If there are items in your cart that you don’t need right now but would like them in the future, create an Amazon Wish List.

At all times, I have an ongoing Amazon Wish List that I add to throughout the year. Then when my husband or family asks me what I want for my birthday or Christmas I don’t have to shrug my shoulders and tell them I’ll think of some ideas and then never do.

This is a win-win for everyone, it’s a win for me because then I’m getting gifts that I actually want and will use; it’s a win for my husband or family because it takes the guesswork out of wondering if I will like the random gift they pick up front Target last minute.

Remove saved cards from your web browser

When online shopping, it’s so easy to see something you like and buy it without thinking twice. 

Remove any saved debit or credit cards from your web browser. 

You will be surprised how much you think twice about a purchase if you have to physically get off the couch, go to your wallet, and physically enter your card information.

Have an emergency fund and sinking funds

Gone are the days of using a “credit card in case of an emergency”!

Emergencies are already stressful enough, you don’t want to also have to pay 20% or more in interest by putting it on a credit card.

Have an emergency fund of at least one month’s worth of expenses and sinking funds to help prevent you from going into debt. Keep your emergency fund and sinking funds in a high-yield savings account to earn interest on it.

Ways to save more money!

  • CIT Bank: BEST High-yield savings account; your bank shouldn’t be charging you money. Instead, YOU should be making money off your money!
  • AURA: All-in-one digital safety to help protect you from identity theft, financial fraud, and online threats. Try AURA for 14 Days for FREE today and get 3 Bureau Credit Monitoring, Credit Lock, Antivirus, Secure VPN, Transaction Monitoring, Identity Protection, Parental Controls and 24/7 US-Based Customer Support.
  • GetUpside: Earn 20 cents per gallon on gas cash back when you download the app and use code FIAB20.
  • Fetch Rewards is a free grocery savings app that rewards you just for snapping pictures of your receipts. That’s it. Really. Free gift cards on groceries on thousands of products every day, no matter where you get your groceries. Just scan your receipts and get gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Target, Ulta, Applebees. Use code QHKBH to earn 2,000 points ($2)!
  • GoodRx: Free app that provides you savings of up to 80% on your prescriptions (even if you don’t have insurance). $5 sign up bonus!
  • Rakuten: Get cash back on online purchases and automatic coupons and savings with their browser plugin… and remember, you have to make a $20 purchase to get your $20 for free!
  • Blooom: FREE 401(k) or IRA analyzer, Let the experts take a peek at your retirement account. Get real advice on how it’s doing and how it could be performing better.
  • Lively: A modern health savings account. Prepare for tomorrow by making smart decisions about finances and healthcare today. Lively HSAs are free for individuals and families, so you never have to worry about hidden costs.
  • Build Wealth by Investing in Index Funds Course: I’ve teamed up with my friend Jeremy from Personal Finance Club to teach you everything you need to know to invest in index funds! How to open an account, how much to invest, and how to choose an index fund. You’ll gain the knowledge and confidence to optimally invest and build wealth for decades.

Do a savings challenge

Savings challenges are a great way to motivate you to think twice about your spending and actually transfer money to your savings. So often we think we are saving money on something but we never move the money to savings and end up spending that “money saved” on something else. 

A fun savings challenge is the Save What You Spend Savings Challenge, for this challenge you choose a category in your budget and everytime you spend money in that category, you have to transfer the same amount to savings. 

For example, if your category is Eating Out and you spend $12.53 on Chipolte, then you have to also transfer $12.53 to your savings. If you don’t have $25.06 in your budget, then you have to skip eating out that day!

Wednesday Weather Savings Challenge

Another fun Savings Challenge is the Wednesday Weather Savings Challenge! For this savings challenge, every Wednesday, you look at the weather and whatever the temperature is that day, you transfer that amount to savings. For example, if its 37 degrees outside, then you transfer $37 to savings. 

Bring snacks with you when running errands

My husband makes fun of me, but I always carry snacks and water with me wherever I go especially doing errands.

I get hungry and this is an easy way to save money by not having to go to the drive-through when I’m hungry out and about around town.

Cancel cable

Cut the cable cord and switch to streaming services. Cable nowadays can cost you well over $100 and a Hulu membership is just $6.99.

But be careful not to add on too many streaming services, do some research on the streaming services and the channels/shows they offer, and pick one or two.

Here are my favorite services:

  • Hulu: Save $20/month for 3 months on Hulu + Live TV, now with Disney+ and ESPN+.
  • HBOmax: Now streaming blockbuster movies, epic originals, and addictive series. Plans start at $9.99/month.
  • Showtime: 30-day free trial, then $10.99/month (also get $2 cash back with Rakuten)
  • dish: Enjoy 2-year price guarantee, DVR with up to 2,000 hours of recording space, and 99% signal reliability. (also get $75 cash back with Rakuten)
  • discovery+: The only streaming service with the greatest real-life entertainment from your favorite TV brands – including HGTV, Food Network, and more! Enjoy unlimited access to the greatest real-life entertainment, plus exclusives and originals.
  • Roku: Thousands of hours, and counting, of content from the top names in music, movies, sports, and television. (also get 2.5% cash back with Rakuten)
  • Amazon Prime Video: Watch Thousands of Movies & TV Shows Anytime with a 30-day free trial. 
  • Paramount+: 30-day FREE trial with SHOWTIME® for just $3/month more than Paramount+ alone. Watch hit originals, movies, docs, and sports, all in one place. Plus, SHOWTIME is always commercial-free!

This is also why it’s so important to have a written budget so you can see how much you are spending each month in your subscriptions.

Start a side hustle

Are you looking to make money online? Or maybe you hear all of your friends talking about their side hustles, and you want to hop on the bandwagon?

There are hundreds of side hustles that you can find online, but it is hard to narrow down which ones are profitable and worth your time.

In my course, Dreamer To Profitable, I break down all the best side hustles that you can do right from your couch!

How to Make $1,000 From Home!

Join me for this FREE TRAINING!

Here is what you’ll learn:

In this live masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • Proven 5-Step System to create a profitable online business and make your first $1,000… from home!
  • How to beat the doubt and solidify your awesome business ideas
  • How to make money off the skills you already have
  • How to create new revenue streams in addition to your full-time job

Sign up today to make sure you don’t miss it.

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LIVE Q&A at the end to get all your questions answered!

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Shop in-season produce

We all want to eat healthier and eat more fruits and veggies, but the cost of groceries is insane. One easy way to save money on produce is to shop what is in season.

The produce that is grown at that time of year is going to be the best price because they don’t have to ship it in from another part of the country or world.

Learn how to cut your grocery bill

Inflation is through the roof right now. Some of the items I buy at the grocery store are DOUBLE what they were just a few years ago! 

I created a course breaking down my biggest tips on How To Save Money On Groceries that puts all the tips into one place so you don’t have to spend hours on YouTube watching all the videos with repeat tips or reading blog after blog! 

AND it’s only $19 right now! I bet you it will more than pay for itself in the first grocery trip after you complete the course!

Make your own foaming soap

Have you noticed that most public restrooms have switched to foaming hand soap?

That’s because you use way less soap when it is in the form of foam. Invest in these foaming soap dispensers, and you will save money in the long run on hand and dish soap.

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Cut the end off of tubes of toothpaste or makeup

When you can’t squeeze any more toothpaste out anymore, cut off the end and you will be amazed how much is still left.

I cut it off and then place it in a reusable ziplock bag to keep it fresh and prevent anything from going inside.

Avoid eye-level items

When grocery shopping, avoid eye-level items, these items often have the highest markup, so look up or down for the best deal!

Log all of your purchases in your budget

One of the biggest tips that I have with budgeting is to update your budget throughout the month

I recommend adding in all of your new expenses every 3-4 days, at a minimum once a week. 

Tracking your expenses throughout the month does three important things. 

First, it only takes 5-10 minutes to stay on top of your budget. If you wait until the end of the month to track all of your expenses, it is going to take a long time and it will become a task that you dread. 

Second, if you track your expenses throughout the month, you can quickly catch if you are going over budget in a category. 

For example, if your grocery budget is $500 for the month, but after the second week, you see that you have already spent $400. Then you can reign in your spending, do a pantry challenge, and cut back. If you waited until the end of the month to track your expenses, it is too late and you overspent. 

Third, it shows you what bills you have paid and what you haven’t paid yet. 

If you are looking at your budget and notice that your electric bill is still blank in the spreadsheet, but it should’ve already hit your bank account, then you can go and make sure the card on file isn’t expired and avoid a careless late fee.

Also, if a spreadsheet isn’t for you, check out the app, Rocket Money

With Rocket Money you can: 

  • Effortlessly track your spending
  • Easily lower bills
  • Track your net worth
  • Cancel unwanted subscriptions

80% of people save money by using Rocket Money to find and cancel unwanted subscriptions!

>> Check out the Rocket Money App today!

At home date nights

It is so important to keep the spark alive and date your spouse or significant other, but date nights can get expensive. Date nights at home can save a ton of money and also be a lot of fun. Check out 16 At Home Date Night Ideas for some inspiration!

📍Save to Pinterest!📍

Sell items around your home

Now that you’re working on decluttering your home, make it a goal to sell at least one new item a week. I love selling items on Mercari, they make it so easy to list an item in under 5 minutes! 

Don’t use dryer sheets

Dryer sheets feel like a necessary item for fresh static-free laundry but they truly aren’t. I haven’t used dryer sheets in over 10 years. I invested in wool dryer balls so I no longer need to use dryer sheets; they reduce static, reduce wrinkles, and even cut down drying time which saves electricity.

Declutter your home

Decluttering your home is a great way to stop the urge of spending money on decor items you really don’t need.

I’ve been so guilty of buying decor just because it was “on sale”, then years later I realize how poor quality it was and that I honestly don’t like it.

When you declutter your home, it helps break that urge to bring more items into your home. Plus, when you declutter your home it is less to clean! Need some inspiration on where to start?

Unplug your appliances

Did you know that appliances that are plugged in still use energy? Unplugging your appliances like air fryer,

Instant Pot, and power strips could save you up to $100 to $200 a year. Another benefit of unplugging your appliances is protected from power surges.

Our the computer on our washing machine recently fried because of a bad thunder and lightning storm, if it was unplugged it would’ve been fine.

Add water to get more uses

When you use up the last bit of shampoo, dish soap or laundry detergent, add some water, shake it up and you will get at least enough for another one or two uses.

Eat from the pantry

Is your grocery budget getting out of control?

Make it a game and see how many meals you can make from ingredients that you already have on hand in your pantry, fridge, and freezer!

Stop wasting water

Be intentional about water when washing dishes or taking a shower. Water bills add up fast! An added bonus is to collecting water in a bucket when it rains or while taking a shower and use it for watering plants.

📍Save to Pinterest!📍

YouTube it before hiring someone to fix it

Have a leaky toilet or your car headlight out? Rather than paying someone to fix it, trying looking it up on YouTube first and do it yourself!

Zip up your zippers when doing laundry

When you are doing laundry, take the extra step before placing your clothes into the washing machine and make sure all the sippers are zipped.

This will prevent clothes from getting snagged on the zipper teeth and ruining your other clothes.

Hang dry as many clothes as you can

Using a clothes dryer is a huge convenience but it is also one of the most expensive appliances to run.

To help reduce drying time, try and hang dry as many clothes as you can. I like to hang dry t-shirts and clothes that I sleep in because I don’t need them to be wrinkle-free.

This helps reduce the size of the load being dried which reduces drying time. Set a timer for 20 minutes less than it typically takes to dry a load to check on it; if it still needs more time, add 5 additional minutes at a time.

Double-check your medical bills

When receiving medical bills, if the service was not full covered by insurance, call the insurance company to make sure everything was coded correctly.

Often times medical offices make mistakes and don’t code items correctly or could code them in a different way resulting in you having to pay for a service that should be covered.

This has personally saved me hundreds of dollars by a 10-minute phone call.

Look for free stuff

Facebook marketplace is full of items for free. I personally had about 25 pavers in my yard surrounding a tree that needed to be taken out that were now an eye sore, so I listed them for free on Facebook Marketplace so I didn’t have to worry about disposing of them.

People are always listing items for free because it is better to give away than just throw it in the trash resulting it in going in a landfill.

You can also drive around your neighborhood the day before trash day or bulk pickup and find tons of great items for yourself or to flip and make a profit!

Shop the sales

When creating your meal plan and grocery list, go to your local grocery store’s website or app to see what is on sale that week and base your meals around on sale items. 

Ask for a cash discount

Asking for a cash discount can often save you anywhere from 2-5%. We saved a ton of money for our wedding by paying our photographer and DJ in cash. 

Even places like our pediatrician charges 2% fee for paying with a debit or credit card.

Ask for a referral program

Did you recently have a great experience with a plumber or AC guy?

Ask if they have a referral program where they will give you a set amount of kickback every time you refer someone to them. I personally would rather use a trusted friend’s referral than the first guy that pops up on a Google Ad for a repair in my house.

Then it’s a win-win for everyone, the repair man is getting a new client, you make some referral money, and your friend knows they are going to get good service and the job done right!

Discount days at the thrift store

Shopping at a thrift store like Salvation Army or Goodwill can save you a lot of money.

An added bonus is to find out when the store is having its discount days, often times they will have specific days of the week dedicated to a discounted category of items.

For example, 30% off clothing on Tuesday. This is where I buy all of my husband’s shorts for work, he goes through them so fast and I only pay for $5.99 each!

Host a potluck instead of going out to eat with a group

If you enjoy going out to dinner with friends, a great way to save money and still get that time with friends is to host a potluck dinner.

I love to host Taco nights I will make the meat and then have everyone bring a side or toppings, for example, chips and salsa, lettuce, tortillas, or sour cream.

Everyone only ends up paying $ or $10 for the ingredients saving everyone a ton of money, and we still get to have a good time and enjoy each other’s company.

Shop after holidays

A great way to get seasonal decor at a discounted price is to shop after the holiday.

I buy all of my Christmas decor, fall decor, Easter decor, and Fourth of July decor after that holiday, and I can get it up to 90% off.

Go to movies and events during the day

Look into going to the movies at a matinee time, you can save a ton of money by going during the day or even during the week for specific events.

This is also a great way also to enjoy fewer crowds.

Look up your city’s Facebook page for free events

Join your local city’s Facebook page and surrounding city’s Facebook page to get the information on it free events that they are having.

I have gone to tons of free fall festivals or movies in the park. This is a great way to have a family outing for free or at a super-discounted price.

Put a towel in the dryer to cut down on drying time

When you are placing your clothes into the dryer, add a dry towel, this will allow the towel to soak up a lot of the moisture, which will reduce drying time.

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