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Category: Saving Money

In Season Produce by Month

Fresh fruits and vegetables can get expensive. One big way to save money is by buying your produce when it is in season.

Produce grows best at different times of the year depending on what type of fruit or vegetable it is. When you buy your produce during that time, it will save you money rather than the stores having to ship it in from another part of the country or world. 


Did you know that the average American pays over $1,000 yearly for car insurance? In some states, the cost of car insurance can be much higher. And while many factors determine the answer to “how much is car insurance,” one of the most important is how you use your vehicle.
Here are a few tips if you’re looking for ways to reduce your car insurance costs.


Frugal living is a learned behavior. You either inherit your financial habits from your immediate family or you’ve gone through some type of monetary hardship that forced you to become frugal. The latter was my case.