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September 2018 Side Hustle Report – $636.75

Hi Friends! October is here and that means fall is setting in, the leaves are changing, the air is getting cool and crisp… except for me because I live in South Florida and it is still in the 90s! I wanted to share my September side hustle report with you! It was a great month!

Side hustle was a huge part of paying off my debt and cash flowing my wedding, now that those are in the past I still use side hustle to hit my new financial goals! My YouTube channel is one of my biggest side hustles and I am branching out of my comfort zone and starting this blog!

Each month I will share with you my side hustles, how they went and if I started any new ones!

Now for what you have been waiting for! My September Side Hustles from smallest to largest!

Here is how I made $636.75 this month!

Babysitting: $250.00

Yes, I am 29 years old but I still think babysitting is a great side hustle, word can spread fast and quickly grow to the point where you have to turn down jobs! The $250 was from 2 nights of babysitting watching the cutest 5-year-old red head that I have ever seen! I also received about 38 “checkups” to the tune of “It’s TimeFor Your Check Up” by Doc McStuffins!

YouTube Ads: $216.35

YouTube was a HUGE jump for me and surprisingly has become a huge passion of mine and has become an incredible business. This month I passed 13,000 subscribers while still blows my mind! The #DebtFreeCommunity and weight loss community are so incredible and MOTIVATING!!

Mystery Shopping: $43.50

Mystery Shopping a fairly new side hustle to me of about 3-4 months. It was a little scary at first trying to remember all of the questions I have to ask and remember everyone’s name but now I can be in and out in 10 minutes with an extra $8-$20 in my pocket!

Sponsored Video: $42.28

It took me over 2.5 years on YouTube before I finally agreed to do my first sponsored video. I have been approached by numerous companies but didn’t believe in their company or product. I care about you all so much and would only recommend something that I truly believe in and use myself!

Ebates: $26.68

Ebates is my favorite tool to make money online from purchases that I am already going to spend. They have a Chrome Plug in with a pop up that says “Would you like to activate 5% CASH BACK?” … Ummm YES PLEASE!! At the end of the quarter they add up all of your cash back and send a nice deposit to your checking account OR they have a list of stores that you can chose with an EXTRA 5-15% cash back in the form of an e-gift card to that store!

Amazon Affiliates: $24.34

Affiliating marketing is one my new favorite ways to make an income by just directing people to use my Amazon Link! When someone purchases through my link it doesn’t cost them anymore but I receive a VERY SMALL percent of their sale … yes its small but it all adds up, right?!

Coworker’s Lunch: $21.00

This side hustle was not something I thought would ever happen but it came from my calling out my coworker on his spending so much on eating out and making bad food decisions. I told him that I would make extra of my weekly meal prep for him and he would save so much money… well he put his money where my mouth is and took my up on it!

Each week I tell him what I am making for meal prep and hetells me how many meals he wants that week, typically is 3-5 meals. I charge him the cost of the groceries and round up a couple dollars so I can make some money. It doesn’t take me any more effort (except for trying to find extra matching Tupperware lids) to make his meals and it’s a win win for both of us. The first month he was BLOWN AWAY at how much money he was spending on eating out and how much he was able to put towards his credit cards!!

TeamiTea: $12.60

I have never been a tea drinker … except when I am sick. That is actually how I know that I have a cold coming on is when I don’t want coffee but tea. I am a coffee girl 100% and am know around my office for my “giant soup mug” of coffee that I drink twice a day! BUT I’m so glad I decided to try TeamiTea in ADDITION to my morning coffee! It’s an incredible tea with so many health benefits and now they have expanded to a whole skin care line! BUDGET25 for 25% off your order!

Thank you!

Wow I am blown away at how I was able to make over $600 as side hustle this month and a ton of it came from YOU!! Thank you so much for supporting me through watching my YouTube videos, reading this blog, sharing my content and clicking on my affiliate links. It truly means the world to me!

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