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It’s easy to walk into the grocery store and add $20 or $50 worth of items that aren’t on your grocery list. Food is the second highest item in the average American’s budget, right behind housing.

Today, I’m sharing 6 easy ways to save money on groceries.


Index Funds for Beginners


Investing in index funds is a great way to generate passive income, especially if you are a beginner. There’s an old saying you’ll often come across, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. That means if you invest all your money in one stock, you will significantly increase your investment risk.

Side Hustle

How to Start a Blog


Starting a blog is ideal for those who enjoy writing and want to make money online. If you have a knack for writing and are knowledgeable about a particular topic or topics, then starting a blog is an easy way to start an online business to generate extra income or even full-time income, depending on how committed you are to it.