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I’m Transforming My Body and Life in 75 Days | 75 Mom Challenge (better than 75 hard challenge)

I’m about to embark on an incredible journey of personal growth and transformation called the 75 Mom Challenge, inspired by BrittanyMoves on TikTok.

The 75 Mom Challenge, an adaptation of the renowned 75 Hard Challenge, offers a structured framework to enhance discipline, mental resilience, and holistic well-being. Designed to accommodate the complexities of motherhood, this challenge encompasses various daily tasks that foster personal growth and self-care.

From physical fitness to financial awareness, from intellectual development to emotional introspection, the 75 Mom Challenge encompasses a comprehensive range of activities to elevate our lives.

>> Click here to watch I’m Transforming My Body and Life in 75 Days | 75 Mom Challenge (better than 75 hard challenge)

What is the 75 Mom Challenge?

The 75 Mom Challenge is a modified version of the well-known 75 Hard Challenge, adapted to suit the realities of motherhood. This challenge offers a structured framework to enhance discipline, mental resilience, and overall well-being. It encompasses various daily tasks that promote personal growth and self-care. From prioritizing fitness to financial awareness, from intellectual development to emotional introspection, this challenge covers a wide range of activities that can truly elevate our lives.

The 75 Mom Challenge consists of 5 daily tasks and 1 bonus task for 75 days: 

  • 45-minute workout
  • 45 minute housework
  • Track spending for the day
  • Drink ½ body weight in oz of water
  • Read 10 pages
  • Bonus: journal 3 pages

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The 75 Mom Challenge for Personal Transformation Beyond Motherhood

The 75 Mom Challenge, despite its name, is not exclusively limited to mothers. While it was initially adapted to address the unique demands of motherhood, the essence of this self-improvement program can resonate with anyone seeking personal transformation.

The challenge’s core principles, such as discipline, mental resilience, and holistic growth, can be applied to individuals from various walks of life. In this section, we explore how the 75 Mom Challenge extends its reach beyond motherhood, offering a framework for personal growth and self-transformation.

Cultivating Discipline and Mental Resilience

Discipline and mental resilience are fundamental aspects of the 75 Mom Challenge that can benefit individuals of all backgrounds. Whether you’re a parent, a professional, or a student, the challenge’s requirement to complete daily tasks consistently develops discipline and mental fortitude. By adhering to a routine, pushing through obstacles, and staying committed to personal goals, participants build the resilience needed to overcome challenges and achieve long-term success.

Prioritizing Physical Health and Fitness

The physical aspect of the 75 Mom Challenge, including regular workouts and hydration, promotes overall well-being for everyone, not just mothers. Engaging in daily exercise, regardless of its duration or intensity, enhances physical health, boosts energy levels, and contributes to mental and emotional well-being. Prioritizing fitness becomes an opportunity for individuals to invest in their health and create a positive relationship with their bodies.

Embracing Personal Development

The emphasis on personal development through reading and journaling in the 75 Mom Challenge is applicable to individuals from all walks of life. Reading 10 pages a day from various genres exposes participants to new ideas, knowledge, and perspectives, fostering intellectual growth and broadening horizons. Journaling, as a reflective practice, encourages self-expression, self-awareness, and personal introspection, allowing individuals to explore their thoughts, emotions, and aspirations.

Time Management and Productivity

The 75 Mom Challenge’s requirement to manage time effectively is a valuable skill for anyone seeking personal transformation. Regardless of parental responsibilities, individuals often face multiple commitments and a constant demand for time. By learning to prioritize tasks, set goals, and manage their schedules efficiently, participants can optimize their productivity and create a sense of balance in their lives.

Accountability and Self-Reflection

The challenge’s emphasis on tracking spending and progress photos fosters accountability and self-reflection, qualities that extend beyond motherhood. Tracking expenses enhances financial awareness and responsibility, enabling individuals to make informed decisions and develop healthy financial habits. Similarly, progress photos allow for visual documentation of personal growth, instilling a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue working towards one’s goals.

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The 75 Hard Challenge VS. The75 Mom Challenge

Self-improvement challenges have gained popularity in recent years, with participants seeking to enhance their discipline, mental toughness, and achieve personal goals.

The 75 Hard Challenge, developed by Andy Frisella, has been widely embraced. However, a variation called the 75 Mom Challenge has emerged, catering specifically to the unique responsibilities and demands of motherhood. In this article, we will compare the 75 Hard Challenge and the 75 Mom Challenge, exploring their rules and objectives, and how they can contribute to personal growth.

The 75 Hard Challenge:

The 75 Hard Challenge, devised by entrepreneur and podcaster Andy Frisella, is an intense self-improvement program. Participants are required to complete several daily tasks for 75 consecutive days:

  1. Strict Diet: Following a diet aligned with personal goals, such as counting calories, meal plans, or dietary restrictions.

  2. Two Workouts: Engaging in two separate workouts each day, one of which should be outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.

  3. Gallon of Water: Consuming one gallon (3.78 liters) of water daily.

  4. Reading 10 Pages: Reading a minimum of 10 pages from a non-fiction book that contributes to personal or professional growth.

  5. Progress Photos: Taking daily progress photos to track physical transformation throughout the challenge.

  6. No Cheat Meals or Alcohol: Abstaining from cheat meals and alcohol for the duration of the challenge.

The 75 Mom Challenge:

The 75 Mom Challenge, inspired by the 75 Hard Challenge, recognizes the unique responsibilities of motherhood and adapts the program accordingly. Here are the modified rules for the 75 Mom Challenge:

  1. 45-Minute Workout: Engaging in a 45-minute workout each day, allowing moms to prioritize their physical health and well-being.

  2. 45-Minute Housework: Devoting 45 minutes to housework, acknowledging the multitude of tasks and responsibilities that come with motherhood.

  3. Track Spending: Keeping a record of daily expenses (either in an excel budget or budgeting app), promoting financial awareness and accountability.


4. Drink ½ Body Weight in Ounces of Water: Consuming half of one’s body weight in ounces of water daily, emphasizing hydration for optimal well-being.

5. Reading 10 Pages: Reading a minimum of 10 pages from any genre, providing an opportunity for personal growth, escapism, or leisure.

6. Bonus: Journal 3 Pages: Journaling three pages each day, allowing moms to reflect, express emotions, and enhance self-awareness.

Comparing the Challenges

While both challenges share common elements, such as the requirement to exercise and read, they cater to different lifestyles and objectives.

  1. Fitness and Health: The 75 Hard Challenge emphasizes rigorous physical training, with two daily workouts and strict dietary guidelines. The 75 Mom Challenge, on the other hand, recognizes the time constraints of motherhood, incorporating a 45-minute workout and housework to accommodate busy schedules.

  2. Tracking and Accountability: Both challenges emphasize accountability by incorporating daily tasks that require tracking progress. While the 75 Hard Challenge focuses on progress photos, the 75 Mom Challenge encourages moms to track their spending, fostering financial awareness and responsibility.

  3. Hydration and Mental Well-being: While the 75 Hard Challenge requires consuming a gallon of water daily, the 75 Mom Challenge adapts this rule by emphasizing drinking half of one’s body weight in ounces of water. This modification recognizes the importance of hydration for both physical and mental well-being.

  4. Additional Self-Reflection: The 75 Mom Challenge includes a bonus task: journaling three pages each day. This additional requirement promotes self-reflection, allowing moms to express their thoughts and emotions, enhancing self-awareness and personal growth.

Self-improvement challenges like the 75 Hard Challenge and the 75 Mom Challenge provide individuals with structured programs to cultivate discipline, mental toughness, and personal growth. While the 75 Hard Challenge is designed for a general audience, the 75 Mom Challenge caters specifically to the unique demands of motherhood.

By comparing the rules and objectives of these challenges, individuals can choose the one that aligns with their goals and circumstances. Regardless of the chosen challenge, embarking on such a journey can lead to transformative experiences and empower individuals to achieve their full potential.

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The Benefits of Journaling

Journaling 3 pages isn’t part of the official 75 Mom Challenge but I decided to include it because journaling truly has so many benefits. 

I’ve found that when I journal, the first page is just the surface-level brain dump. When I get to pages 2-3, that’s when the DEEP stuff comes out… that stuff that I’ve been suppressing. 

If journaling is new or awkward to you, start with some journal prompts. 

Journal Prompts: 

  • Explain in detail your ideal ordinary day. 
  • Who do you trust most? Why?
  • What are your strengths in relationships (kindness, empathy, etc.)?
  • What are three things working well in your current relationship? What are three things that could be better?
  • What boundaries could you set in your relationships to safeguard your own well-being?
  • How does work fulfill you? Does it leave you wanting more?
  • What part of your workday do you most enjoy?

I also start my journaling off with reading my Bible and a devotional, some of my favorites are Jesus Calling and On Our Knees

Resources to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Saving money doesn’t have to be a daunting task that requires you to give up the things you love. By adopting a minimalist mindset, identifying your spending triggers, finding less expensive alternatives, setting realistic goals, automating your savings, creating a budget, and finding ways to make extra money, you can save money and achieve your financial goals without feeling deprived.

Remember, it’s a journey, not a destination. By taking small steps every day, you can build a solid foundation for your financial future.

If you found this article helpful, you might also be interested in our article on budgeting with an irregular income.

Check out “8 Tips For Budgeting with an Irregular Income” to learn how to manage your finances when your income fluctuates.

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