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6 Financially Smart Ways To Spend Your Stimulus Check

This week the third-round of stimulus checks are being sent out. You will qualify if you make under $75,000 for individuals, below a certain threshold — $75,000 for individuals, $112,500 for heads of household, $150,000 for couples filing jointly, and an additional $1,400 for each dependent claimed on their most recent tax filings.

Watch: 6 Smart Ways To Spend & Invest Your $1,400 Stimulus Check

How should you spend your stimulus?

I get it, you want to be responsible with your stimulus check, but what is the best financial decision to make?

I’ve got you covered, I’m sharing 6 things to do with your stimulus check. But before we get into what to do with your check, I want to be sensitive to the fact that so many people are still without jobs or took a major pay cut this past year.

Are wanting to start a side hustle and need the extra money, but you have no clue where to start or what you could even do?

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Get current on your bills

If you are past due on any of your bills now is the time to use your stimulus check to pay those bills in full. Whether you are behind on your water bill, electric, rent, or car payment use your stimulus check to get current on your bills.

Build up your emergency fund

Having an emergency fund of at least one month of expenses is the best way to break that paycheck to paycheck cycle. Click here to read why I don’t think $1,000 is enough for an emergency fund anymore.

2020 has taught us that layoffs and pay cuts happen and we should have a minimum of 1 month’s worth of expenses as an emergency fund. That doesn’t mean total income but just expenses saved. After you have your full month emergency fund then you can slowly build up to 3-6 months while tackling other financial goals.

Pay off debt

Using your stimulus check to get rid of a big chunk of debt is a solid financial decision. If you are unsure of the best way to tackle your debt check out this video where I share 3 debt payoff methods to help you choose which method is best for YOU and your personal situation.


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If that’s the case, you really don’t have the time not to!

The good news is, you’re not stuck where you are, you don’t have to go it alone.
You will have to put hard work in, but in Dreamer To Profitable, I’ll walk you through every step of getting your side hustle up and going or even take it to the next level if that’s where you are at!

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Now is the time to take a leap of faith and start the side hustle or business you’ve been pushing off.

I created the course Dreamer To Profitable to help you take that DREAM of having a business or even extra income to support your family and how to make it PROFITABLE!

I don’t want money to be what holds you back from the potential to make a LOT of money with your own side hustle.


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Now, what exactly is Dreamer To Profitable and will it help me?

Yes! Dreamer to Profitable takes you through the journey of:

  • Finding clarity and confidence in your business idea or helping you come up with an idea.
  • Get your mindset right with pushing aside imposture syndrome, jealously and potential criticism.
  • How to get organized and create systems to keep you from getting overwhelmed.
  • How to generate new revenue streams to make that coin!
  • The legal requirements that are often overlooked (taught by a lawyer).
  • How to identify and find your target client.
  • Unique sales strategies to increase revenue.
  • How to set a business budget, financials and tax requirements. (BONUS with a tax expert)
  • How to set goals that will push you to make more money!

Here is what some students have to say:

I enrolled in ”Dreamer to Profitable” three weeks ago, and was so inspired after watching the first couple lessons.  I didn’t have a business or side hustle, or even any kind of money-making idea when I enrolled. Since starting, I’ve made my first $1,083 by writing blog posts for people!

-Jessica D., Scottsdale, AZ

I’m a single mom of two. I work full time, and I hate to admit it, but I’ve been living paycheck to paycheck for years. It’s a struggle to get everything done in the day, and I was nervous about investing in this course and afraid I wouldn’t have the time to do it or to put in the work. I was determined, and I did!!! This course not only helped me solidify my business idea but also taught me how to manage my schedule and come up with a system to get it all done. I am so thankful for this course! THANK YOU!!!
-Rachel M., Mobile, AL

I have been on YouTube for three years now, and I make a couple of hundred dollars a month from it in ads. I knew I could make more money, but was not sure how.  Since taking this course, I now have FOUR new revenue streams that complement my YouTube channel. Not only has this tripled my income, but it also got me excited again to make content and serve my audience.
-Jasmine T., Boston, MA

Get started for only $25! 
Use code STIMULUS50 for $50 off today and 2 additional monthly payments of $75.
Click here to get started for $25! 

Save an additional $28 and enroll for $147!
Use code STIMULUS50 for $50 off the entire course!
Click here to pay in full and save! 

Invest your stimulus check

Building up your retirement funds is a great way to see compound growth on your stimulus, whether that is in a IRA, index fund, or brokerage account.

Here are some resources on investing:

Give & spend on something fun

This year has been hard on so many and what better way to help your neighbor than to help when you see a need. This could be paying it forward, stocking a food bank, or sending money to someone that is struggling financially.

Have there been something that you’ve wanted to do or buy but didn’t think it was a wise use of your money and you have a little bit of your stimulus left over? Maybe now is the time to treat yourself!

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