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15 Smart Ways to Save Money on a Wedding
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15 Smart Ways to Save Money on a Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. This usually warrants splurging as much as you have in your bank account to keep things to the dreamy and picturesque Pinterest standard. However, it’s important to pull yourself back from spending every cent you have.

At its core, a wedding is a celebration of love and unity. You and your partner will become life partners after your special day. Unfortunately, spending all your savings can take way too much time and effort to recover financially.

Being frugal with your wedding budget does not mean things will turn sour. If anything, you can make the day even more magical as you plan and pay more attention to the details.

>> Check out this budget template to keep you organized and stay on budget for your wedding!

1. Pick an Off-Season Date

Your wedding date affects many factors, from the photo opportunities to the weather. It also impacts your pricing, as most venues and vendors lower their overall rates for couples getting married off-season. You can also get a bargain for a weekday date.

Remember to research which months are considered off-season in the city you’re getting married in. The consensus for an off-season wedding date is between November and April, but it can vary from state to state.

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2. Simplify the Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is an evening party before your wedding day, where the couple and their wedding party have a practice run of the ceremony and the reception. This can be costly, but you can save by simplifying certain aspects.

For instance, you can host the event at home. Try to be selective in who you invite. Don’t worry — you’ll still see everyone on your wedding day.

3. Make Electronic Invitations

Speaking of invitations, it can be costly to print them on paper. Set up a website as an e-invite to your loved ones instead. You can still customize the design and add the details of your wedding date and location. Aside from convenience, going paperless is much better for the environment.

4. Stick to an All-in-One Vendor

It can be overwhelming to contact many suppliers separately. You also end up paying more since each person has their own additional fees, which can stack up. Look at a rental that can provide all sorts of wedding supplies for your special day.

For instance, you’ll need tables, chairs and furniture for the reception area. At the same time, you’ll need a stage for wedding speeches and a dance floor for partying. Find a vendor who can provide all those needs and more.

5. Hire People by the Hour

Aside from vendors, you’ll likely call in a photographer, videographer, DJ and more. These people will help document your wedding and make the event entertaining. Most people will charge for their services and output for a full fee. Instead, find people who charge by the hour. That way, you only pay for the time they’ll spend at your event.

6. Get an Intimate Wedding Venue

The average cost of a wedding venue was $11,200 in 2002. The price tag is bound to rise if your guest list increases and your location is more grand. Save money by going with a more intimate wedding spot instead. You can also keep your guests to 100 or less to cut costs.

7. Go Minimalist With Decor

More is more when it comes to a wedding event, and that sentiment rings true regarding decorations. However, try a minimalist approach when designing your dream wedding to save money. For instance, tables can have a single decorative runner. This will draw the eyes of your guests and keep things looking elegant.

8. Shop Early for a Wedding Dress

Most people end up settling for their wedding attire when they’re pressed for time. The average cost of a gown was around $1,089 to $1,429 in 2023. There’s also the matter of customization and alteration that you might require.

Schedule wedding dress shopping early to explore as many options as possible. Apart from bridal stores, you can look at department stores and browse on social media. This gives you the right headspace to bargain for a great gown.

9. Utilize Your Own Tools and Accessories

Aside from the wedding dress, you also must consider accessories and other finishing touches. If you already have some of these tools and ornaments at home, use them instead to save money. You can even get one of your bridesmaids to help you with makeup and hair.

10. Create a Budget-Friendly Menu

There are various photos online of wedding tables filled to the brim with all kinds of appetizers and entrees. Realistically, though, you only need two menu choices for each. You can also stretch it to three options if you’re feeling generous, but it’s best to focus on quality and sticking to your budget.

11. Find an Alternative Dessert

While a cake is an integral part of your wedding, it’s usually only highlighted for the couple-cutting tradition. Stick with a smaller cake and look at alternative desserts. For example, a cookie table is a wedding tradition gaining plenty of traction. You can also have cupcakes or cake pops if you want to stick with the cake theme.

12. Provide Unlimited Soda

How about getting unlimited refreshments for your wedding? While liquor is a popular option, it can be costly to fund an open bar. Soft drinks are much more affordable, and many people enjoy them. For those who want to drink, you can open up a bring-your-own-booze policy with the venue’s permission.

13. Bring the Reception to the Ceremony

It’s natural for the reception to come after the wedding, but they’re usually at separate venues. See whether you can have the party at the same spot as the ceremony. Aside from saving on rental fees, you get to eliminate transportation expenses since you do everything under one roof.

14. Skip the Afterparty

Having an afterparty is becoming a popular wedding trend. It’s a more informal party that typically occurs after the reception at a different venue. However, it’s best to call it a night if you have few attendees or want to rest with your spouse after a long day. If you want extra time with loved ones, extend the reception for an hour or two.

15. DIY Your Favors

Wedding favors are a great way to show your appreciation for a guest’s attendance on an important day in your life. DIY these gifts to save money and make the gift more personalized. For instance, make mini bouquets or scented candles. You can even write heartfelt letters to each person.

Tie the Knot on a Budget

Having an enjoyable and special wedding without breaking the bank is possible. Plus, by saving money, you and your fiancee will have extra funds to kickstart your new life together.

Author bio: Cora Gold is a family finance writer and editor of women’s lifestyle magazine, Revivalist. She has been featured in publications including CafeMom and Mediabistro. Connect with Cora on LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

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