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Unexpected Amenities In Your AirBnb To Guarantee 5 Stars Reviews

Decaf coffee

Having coffee available for your guests is a given but decaf coffee is often forgotten about. 

In your selection of coffee offer:

Single-serve is always best for sanitary reasons. 

Label everything

Invest in a label maker for your AirBnb. You will be surprised at how often it will come up on your reviews that guests appreciated everything being labeled. 

From the different light switches to how to work the shower. 

You can even get creative and show your personality by labeling the coffee maker “Yum Yum Machine”. 

Full Length Mirror

Having a full length mirror in the bedroom or bathroom is something small that guests really appreciate. 

Mirrors can get expensive very quickly but it is more important having one than having a fancy stand alone mirror

Keyless entry

Meeting and welcoming guests are a thing of the past. In this day and age, guests want to come when is  convenient them.

Keyless entry is the most convenient way for your guests to come and go as they please and don’t have to worry about keys. 

This is our favorite smart lock that allows you to remotely change codes and track every time the door was locked, unlocked and by who. 

Pro tip: make their access code the guest’s last 4 digits of their phone number. 

Laptop-friendly workspaces

With remote working, traveling doctors and digital nomads more popular than ever, a laptop-friendly workstation is very important. 

It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, a simple desk, desk light and monitors are a bonus. 

Power cords & charging cables

There is nothing worse than climbing into bed and realizing that there isn’t a close plug to charge your phone. 

Having power strips or extension cords available for guests in very helpful especially if you have a light plugged in and they want to charge their cell phone and computer. 

Charging cables are not necessary but will be appreciated. 

These are my favorite charging cables that have multiple port types.


After a long day of traveling to your AirBnb, there is nothing worse than walking in the door STARVING and nothing to eat. 

Providing a small welcome basket for your guests with simple snacks goes a long way. 

Shopping in bulk on Amazon can really cut down costs as well, only 1 or 2 of a few items is all that is needed.

Filtered water

Having cold filtered water available for guests upon arrival is very important. 

Some guests don’t mind drinking tap water but may will. 

A simple Brita Filtered Pitcher full in the fridge will go along way with guests.

Chocolates on the pillows

Nothing says luxury like walking in and seeing chocolates on your pillow! 

This simple gesture goes a long way with guests. 

Here is my favorite chocolate to leave for guests. 

Games and puzzles

Having games and puzzles available to guests is a great way to offer free entertainment for them. 

Here are some favorites for guests:

Cleaning supplies

Yes, you do not require your guests to clean the entire house before they leave, but most guests do like to do their own small cleaning before check out. 

You should always make it available to your guests, here are some simple supplies

Having cleaning supplies available can also save your linins, if someone spills red wine they aren’t running for the only option (white towels), instead they run for the mop. 

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