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June 2020 Side Hustle & Business Income Report

Each month I publish a YouTube and blog Income Report showing you how much money I made in my business as well as some lessons learned that contributed to that success and outcome.

My goal is to be transparent with you, show you the ups and downs as well as inspire you to hopefully build your own YouTube channel and/or blog.

Side hustle income is a large part of the financial success we’ve enjoyed over the last couple of years. We’ve paid off debt, cash flowed our wedding and new-to-me car and saved a down payment on our first home. Without a side hustle, all of those wins wouldn’t have been possible.


In this YouTube income report, you will see a breakdown of Adsense earnings, affiliate marketing, digital products, course sales, and Patreon.


June was a crazy month, we have been quarantined for 4 months now. Just as soon as we thought we were coming out of the gate Florida’s cases spiked and we are back in lockdown. I have used this time to do a lot of education and digging deep into my business to find places where I can improve.

Here are the major changes in no particular order:

• Back to Personal Finance video topics

• 2 videos each week, posting on Mondays and Thursdays

• 1-3 blog posts a week

• Increased Pinterest from 20k monthly views to 150k monthly views

• Enrolled in course 1k1Day by Nicole Walters

• Created a FREE 7-Day Meal Plan

In May I did an investing series on YouTube where I shared videos on How To Overcome The Fear of Investing, Dividend Investing For Beginners, 3 Dividend Stocks I’m Buying Now. I received a lot of great feedback from those videos. A lot of my viewers said that they learned a lot about investing it my videos helped take the FEAR they had out of investing. That means so much to me and is my goal with teaching about money and investing.

I also received a lot of feedback that people missed my old videos where I gave them advice on How To Save Money on Groceries, How To Meal Plan, and Financial Goals. I’m happy to bring these types of videos back. They are a lot of fun for me!

My June Side Hustles from largest to smallest:

Here is how I made $1,623.62 this month.

Dividends: $15.42

As you can see, my dividends are low for the month of June, but honestly, I’m excited to see this!

Investing in Dividend Stocks through M1 Finance and Robinhood are an incredible way to make passive income in the long run. Most dividends are paid quarterly so receiving a few monthly dividends is an unexpected surprise. I am growing my portfolio by $500-$1,000 every month.

Patreon: $36.67

Patreon is a monthly subscription to help support your favorite creators. On Patreon you will find exclusive videos, like Budget Report Cards, personal videos, behind the scenes, live streams as well as all of my budget templates and printables.

My Patreon Posts this month were:


6 Month Emergency Fund Tracker Printable

My mental health.


Digital Products: $91.98

On my website, I’m now selling Monthly Excel Budget Templates and Spending Analysis Templates that work in Google Sheets! Soon all of my templates will be available in Excel and Google Sheets.

The templates available in my shop are:

Monthly Excel Budget Template

Annual Budget Template

Vacation Budget Template

Wedding Budget Template

Grocery, Meal Plan & Inventory Printables – 15 Pages

•  $1,000 Emergency Fund Tracker

Save $1,000 in 30 Days Printable

Student Loan Debt Tracker

Credit Card Payoff Tracker

Car Loan Payoff Tracker

6 Month Emergency Fund Printable

Savings Challenge Printable

Mortgage Debt Tracker Printable

Debt Payoff Tracker

Homebrew Savings Challenge Printable

Food Inventory Printables in Pantry Inventory, Freezer Inventory, Fridge Inventory & Seasonings Inventory

Spending Analysis Template

52-Week Savings Challenge

Course Sales: $232.56

My course How To Save Money On Groceries Course has finally launched!

This course will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, stop food waste, and give you tips and tricks to harness your best grocery life. You’ll save money, learn how to spend wisely, and, most importantly, you’ll learn how to lower your food cost so you can spend on the things that bring you joy! 

Use code GROCERIES15 for $15 off!

YouTube Ads: $464.85

Due to the pandemic ad rates are at an all-time low, this was the lowest my channel has made in years. I am determined to not let it phase me, to continue to put in the work, and make quality content.

My videos this month were:

Save Money on Groceries | EASY GROCERY HACKS, TIPS & TRICKS

How To Overcome The FEAR Of INVESTING

3 Dividend Stocks I’m Buying Now for $50 As A Beginner Investor

As a Beginner Investor … Should You Pay Off Debt or Invest? How You Can Do BOTH

Buy EXPENSIVE STOCKS Now Using Fractional Shares on M1 Finances

How To Redeem Gift Cards In Fetch Rewards App | Step by Step Tutorial for FREE GROCERIES

5 Things To Do To Improve Your Finances in 2020

Kelly Anne Smith – Freedom In A Budget YouTube Analytics/ YouTube Income Report

Affiliate Marketing: $782.14

If affiliate marketing is something you are looking to get into, I recommend taking the course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. Michelle digs into the best way to promote brands that you know, like, and trust and well as all of the legal elements of affiliate marketing. I’ll be honest, there was way more things that you need to be aware of and do to be FTC compliant than I expected. The course breaks it all down for you.

Second is to join an affiliate network, I have two main ones that I go through Aragon Premium and Flex Offers. These two networks offer thousands of brands combined that you can work with. Everything is in one convenient place, you can search for the brands, apply right there, get affiliate links, track clicks, and your payouts all in one place! Aragon Premium and Flex Offers are my go-to!

Goals for July:

Start working on merch designs

Upload at least 8 new videos in July

Publish at least 10 new blog posts in July

Increase course sales to $500

Complete 1k1Day course

Read to Free To Focus by Michael Hyatt and Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller.


Financial Goals That I’ve Achieved in My 30’s

2020 Mid-Year Goals Check In

My top 5 money apps

How I made $10,000 online

Surviving a recession. What to do if your income drops.

How to pay extra towards your mortgage

Savings and investing accounts we use

What stocks I’m buying in the market crash

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