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The Ultimate Alaska Cruise Packing List

My husband Jayme and I are off to our first Alaskan Cruise! This will be my second cruise and Jayme’s 10th cruise, he especially is very good at knowing what to bring but an Alaskan Cruise is a whole other ball game! Here are my top packing items that we are bringing on our cruise. I’ll be sure to update the list after our cruise to tell you the items we WISH we had packed!

Bug Spray

All I have to say is there are a TON of bugs in Alaska and they are HUGE!! Bug spray is a must!


I live in Florida and wear sunscreen everyday but never thought I would need it in Alaska but just because its cold doesn’t mean you don’t need sunscreen. You possibly need it even more because of the reflection off of the snow to your skin much like you can get a sunburn faster in the water than laying on the beach.

Electrolyte Powder

Changing altitudes can really take a told on your body and drain you with doing very limited physical activity. Whenever I travel I always take electrolyte powder with me, within 10 minutes I always feel so much better and refreshed. If you are doing any type of physical activity it is even more important to drink it. I just mix 1 little scoop in about 16 ounces of water and enjoy!


There will be so many amazing wildlife that you will be able to see right from the ship. Binoculars are always a MUST on an Alaskan cruise. Check out these cool ones we bought that have an attachment to your phone so that you can capture the amazing moments.

Compact rain jacket

Having a rain jacket is a MUST if you are going on an Alaksan Cruise. My coworker was telling me that when she went a few years ago other people on the ship were BEGGING to buy her jacket off of her because it was pour rain. I found this super cute lightweight jacket off Amazon that I can just fold up and put in my purse when the rain stops. I bought it one size bigger so that I can layer a sweater under!

Warm hat with ear flaps

Alaska is a very difficult place to pack for, especially if you are going in August like we are. In some cities it will be 65 degrees and other places we will be playing in the snow. The excursion I am most excited about is dog sledding which I have heard is COLD (especially for this Florida girl)!! Having a warm hat that will stay on is key! This super cute hat is lined on the inside, has cute ear flaps with snaps and has a brim to keep the sun out of your eyes.

Winter jacket

To go along with that warm hat you need a warm snow jacket. I will admit that I have worn this jacket when the temperature gets into the 50s here in Florida… with flip flops … because, well… its Florida! Trust me, this jacket will keep you WARM, on the verge of sweating but I would much rather be sweating than shivering!

Space saving bags

All of cruises I have ever been on have been to the Caribbean wear I wear sundresses and flip flops not sweaters, down jackets and snow boots. Space saving bags are a GAME CHANGER in fitting everything in your suitcase, especially if you are an over packer like myself. I found these really cool ones on Amazon that you can just roll out the air instead of using a vacuum so they are perfect for travel!

Travel steamer

This next item is a little controversial and not allowed on some cruise ships so proceed with CAUTION!! Of course I found this gem on non-other than Amazon… it is a great compact travel steamer that heats up super quick and folds up for very little space in your suitcase. The estate rooms do NOT come with an iron so this steamer is a lifesaver on your trip, especially on formal night!

Dish and/or hand soap

I don’t know if you are like me but I hate washing my hands with bar soap. All the room provides is a tiny bar or soap to wash your hands. I always bring a small bottle of dish soap as well as pump hand soap. The Dollar Store is a great way to find this items in a small size (also see other great finds to buy at the Dollar Store for your cruise). If you get the soda package with a refillable cup with you will want to wash it before you use it as well at the end of each night and that would just be gross to wash with bar soap!

Cash For tips

At the end of the cruise you will receive envelopes for tips. We always tip our server as well as our Cabin Steward and write them a little thank you note. There have been times where we saw our Cabin Steward on the complete other end of the ship and he still greeted us by name, now that is service! If you can imagine being stuck working on a ship for 6 months at a time, a thank you card goes a LONG way!

You’re turn!

Please let me know in the comments which items have been a game changer on your cruise and what we are forgetting!

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