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Dumping Debt Money Motivation

Our 2019 Goals – Financial | Personal | Work | Business

2018 was a really exciting year for my husband, Jayme and I. Not only did we cash flow buying my dream car we also saved $20,000 for a down payment on a house that we are looking to purchase in the next couple years. I did a full recap of all our Financial Wins and Fails of 2018 and here I am going to share with you our financial, business, work and personal goals for 2019!


Here are the financial goals that Jayme and I have set for 2018, we are debt free, have a fully funded 6 month emergency fund of $25,000 and have 15 other sinking funds that we add to each month but these are the two biggest and most exciting ones!

Start a sinking fund for when I stay home with a baby.

I received a lot of comments on my Dave Ramsey Household Budget Percentage video that I have a lot in savings but its all delegated towards something and not for when I start having kids, leave my job and run my business full time. My ultimate goal is to build the foundation now of my business so that when I get pregnant I can work right up to delivery and then stay home from there. I am starting a sinking fund for that time, not necessarily for the baby but something that we can pull from if we are a little tight that month, like a hills and valley fund.

Save $45k for a down payment.

We are ending 2018 with about $20,000 in our down payment sinking fund but have a BIG goal to add another $45,000 to that fund so that we can put at least 20% down when we decide to buy a house in 2-3 years.


As mentioned above my ultimate goal is to start having children in 2-3 years. By that time I would like to have my business at a point where I can quit my fulltime job. My YouTube Channel, Freedom In A Budget has grown into so much more than just a YouTube Channel. It has grown to become a huge passion of mine, helping people take control of their finances, it has grown to a blog and coaching business as well.

25,000 subscribers on YouTube.

10,000 followers on Instagram.

Continue 5 videos a week on YouTube.

2 blog posts a week.

Create 2 courses on cutting your grocery budget.

Grow my Etsy shop.

Increase my money coaching and YouTube coaching.

Increase my side hustle from 15.8% to 50% of my take home pay.


Yes, I don’t plan on working at my current job for many more years. It all depends on where we are financially and when we start having kids. I am working at my currently job with the same mentality and work ethic as if I were working there until I am 65. I give 100% each day and still would like to grow in my career these next couple of years.

Become supervisor at my work.

Being a supervisor at my work is a huge achievement. It takes most people several several years to get to this level. Not only does it come with more responsibility, an increase in pay and bonus it also gives you the opportunity to have direct reports that you help grow and shape them in their own career. That is what I am most excited for, helping others achieve their goals.

Increase Overtime to $10,000

Overtime is one of the many ways that we are able to reach our financial goals as fast as we have. There are so many times that I don’t want to come in at 7am, stay late or work through lunch but the paycheck comes it is all worth it. I have the mentality that if someone asked me “Kelly, I will give you $15 cash to stay an extra 30 minutes today” I would take that in a heartbeat. I have that same mentality each time an overtime opportunity is presented to me. In 2016 I made $1,125, in 2017 I made $6,327, in 2018 I made $7,780 and my goal for 2019 is to make $10,000 in overtime!


Personal goals are something that I honestly struggle with. I am extremely focused on growing my business and hitting financial goals that often times my health and self-care gets put on the back burner.

Increase our giving to $20,000

Even when I was paying off my student loans I still always gave to my local church and tithed, it is my own personal conviction. But after becoming debt free it has been SO much fun increasing our giving not only to the local church but also we started sponsoring a child named Leandro in El Salvador through Compassion International. In 2018 we gave $18,000 away and in 2019 we would like give $20,000 to charities that we are passionate about including sponsoring a family that is moving to Argentina to become missionaries.

Average 10,000 steps a day

Right now I am averaging about 7,500 steps a day and I would like to increase that to an average of 10,000 steps a day. I thought about a goal of getting to the gym 5 days a week but that honestly isn’t realistic for me to maintain for all of 2019, I would give up after a couple weeks but steps is something that I can work on all throughout the year.

Track ALL of my food.

I am currently on Weight Watchers and absolutely love it but sometimes I am lazy and do not track everything I eat. Not only am I only hurting myself by not tracking I am also wasting money by not taking full advantage of the program. I’ve noticed that when I track everything that I eat (even when I go way over in my points) I still eat so much better because I am more conscious of what I am putting into my mouth.

Read 1 book a month.

I have never been a big reader and now I honestly don’t have time to sit down and read a book. I work about 55 hours at my full time job and about 40 hours on my business, but that isn’t an excuse. I looked into Audible and it is a GREAT way to get my reading in. I can be listening to an audiobook at my desk at work or when I am driving. Leaders are readers and stats show that 85 percent of self-made millionaires read two or more books per month. My goal for 2019 is to start with 1 book a month. I am currently reading America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money: Your Guide to Living Better, Spending Less, and Cashing in on Your Dreams by Steve Economides.

1 massage a month.

Lastly is self-care. This is something that I really struggle with and find myself running on fumes (or 5 cups of coffee) and then end up getting sick. I purchased a massage membership and will be enjoying 1 massage a month. It will be a deep tissue massage so I don’t know how much I will really enjoy it, but the knots in my neck will thank me!

What are your goals for 2019?

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